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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

മടമേ ബ്ലാവറ്സ്കി'സ TRAVELS

The travels of many occultists over the centuries have been topics of many discussions, especially by those who seek to debunk things or to find other things to criticize......and, of course, some persons with money and time have retraced many ancient and mythological quests and sites and battles,etc. and come up with various ideas and some fascinating conclusions, such as, the Oddessy and Alexander's invasions in Asia,etc. as well as others... Two occultists that come immediately to mind are: G.I. GURDJIEFF & MADAME HELENA P. BLAVATSKY.....among others.....whose travels have come into question at times and whose claims for certain things seem dubious or suspect,etc....... Travel in the 19th and even in the 20th Centuries was often difficult and unlike today's modern, swift travel somewhat available to everyone, especially those that can afford such...along with numerous other things that render exotic climes and locales almost commonplace......but in the old days, with meager immunizations, few toilets and lack of now available and ubiquitous toilet paper, and multiple devices to record nearly everything from the first breath or step to the final leg and endpoint of any journey,,,,,,dangerous as some may be in hostile areas.... Here is my take on all such travels by occultists of note....some of which can be partially verified while others not...and many surmised things as well, if you have driven across the US or any state or whatever and made a few stops in places,you've been there.....but, however brief such stops, layovers(especially on planes)etc. you've been there....living in a place is quite different from simply traveling through or visiting....guys who take in seminars or give them in various places, attend business meetings in other states, and take in shows in various cities,etc. or some similar very short period in any particular place...have all been there and maybe met hundreds, possibly thousands of people(especially if they are movie stars, celebrities, politicians, statesmen,etc. etc.) and you get a picture of what I am saying....there might have been a handshake with someone famous or infamous and you will remember such, but will they? Will the place you went remember you? I doubt it......unless you did some deed, like massacre a few hundred or more and even then they might not know your name...and so it goes....... Leisurely travel in past times meant taking horses and other animal transports and also ships and what few cars and planes might have been available in the 20th and some trains,etc. Nowadays, you can be in Asia from where I am in around 18 hrs or so,depending.....on certain things..... So I tend to accept that these two occultists did travel in very unusual and remote places even if their claims and descriptions do not match those of their critics and detractors..... Of course, some fictional accounts of things have disguised certain truths and persons,etc. for special reasons....novels do this all the time.....and sometimes people are given other names,titles, and the like to avoid problems and law suits,etc. There are plenty of such examples...... Even place names can be sort of disguised for reasons........just use your own judgment on such matters if at all......and follow in their footsteps if you dare...

Friday, August 27, 2010

थे बुक ऑफ़ द्ज्याँ

THE BOOK OF DZYAN is composed of stanzas that translated from it into English by Madame Blavatsky and I suggest obtaining a copy of a book that lists them in order and as a complete text without the commentaries and references,etc. if you can find one. I have one but here in the US that I have made use of in the past.....There are a few other books that attempt to give special insights and information to this book and from some who have spent a lifetime of study and research, not to mention attempting to live a special life devoted to these teachings....

थे सेक्रेट DOCTRINE

THE SECRET DOCTRINE is a massive volume,written and compiled through the efforts of that remarkable occultist,known as MADAME BLAVATSKY or H.P.B.(HPB),an unusual woman by any account, despite all the vagaries and scandals and notoriety attributed to or associated with her in an age(Victorian) that still casts a remarkable spell over and a fascination of this, and future,generations, no d oubt. Two Books,of a projected four, have appeared.A one volume edition that I have and will use here. While both books have been revised and re-revised some others that exist are considered 'suspect' and 'spurious' but this need not present a problem for serious students of the occult, the arcane, or of Theosophy in general....A six volume of THE SECRET DOCTRINE exists and is called by many the ADYAR EDITION, and it contains various other writings,etc by HPS and some other information....but none of these editions can really qualify for the projected 3rd & 4th editions that may have been written but which were never published by H>P> B. THE SECRET DOCTRINE written prior to and published in 1888,considered a year of remarkable importance and significance in esoteric circles, was said by H.P.B. TO 'CONTAIN ALL THAT COULD BE GIVEN OUT TO THE WORLD' in the 19th Century and perhaps we add hardly understood or appreciated in its time or he next century,the 20th, and probably not in this new 21st century.
This basic volume of THE SECRET DOCTRINE consists of two parts; COSMOGENESIS and ANTHROPOGENESIS or, THE UNIVERSE & MAN, from which a great number of ensuing occult and esoteric work(s)published afterwards took their impetus andideas as well as classifications and divisions to a very large degree and extent. Some acknowledge their debts to HPB and specify her as their source or,at the very least, one of their sources..... MADAME BLAVATSKY had the book printed and published in ENGLISH in a bit of almost 'psychic' insight when she said,'THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS EMPLOYED BECAUSE IT OFFERS THE MOST WIDELY DIFFUSED MEDIUM FOR CONVEYING THE TRUTHS WHICH HAD BECOME HER(HPB'S) DUTY TO PLACE BEFORE THE WORLD'! The ENGLISH LANGUAGE is employed because in the 21st Century, English is the most widespread and used in the world,especially on the internet, for example....and the reasons for this are not hard to find....but will not be further expanded here... We need no accept HPB'S assertion uncritically that THE BOOK OF DZYAN is the oldest manuscript in the world, though we may concur that IT CAPTURES THE ELUSIVE 'ESSENCE" OF ALL THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS,TEACHINGS, AND WRITINGS..... An analysis of this ancient text as given by Madame Blavatsky is difficult for most persons but some students have done rather excellent work on this aspect to edify and clarify some things....especially in light of scholarly criticisms....... I shall point out some of these when appropriate and relevant but will not attempt to do the work of those who should and must read this book, THE SECRET DOCTRINE for themselves......

ट्रुथ इस थे हिघेस्त RELIGION

तेरे इस नो रेलिगिओं हिघेर थान TRUTH

This is the 'motto' of the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT and of most societies, groups, and related ones.....'THERE IS NO RELIGION HIGHER THAN TRUTH" and this motto appears on Madame Blavatsky's grave site according to all accounts, but I believe she was cremated but I shall have to verify all of that at some later time..... Another way of saying much the same thing, to some extent, is this: TRUTH IS THE HIGHEST RELIGION...