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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


If I have not mentioned my membership and activities in THE THEOSOPHICAL  SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES  back in the '70's, then I shall make some mention of it now. The photo image of the building is a newer one. The old building was badly burned back in the late 70's and then rebuilt. The dedicated members of the Society worked hard and long to restore the building. It had been in existence for many years but once I had found it when I returned to the Philippines in 1972, just after MARTIAL LAW had been declared by President Marcos, I joined it. I spend a fair amount of time there.
 It was quite by accident that I came across its location when I did as I was stopping at the major avenue and passed by there somehow, either on foot or by jeepney or some other means and saw the building in the dark, if I am not mistaken and noted the name. I returned to that area and then became interested and joined. Of course, I have more to say on all of this and the events and activities that I was privileged to be in and learn from,etc.

But it was the many wonderful,friendly, and helpful people that composed and comprised the Society and its other lodges that gave me much inspiration, if not 'enlightenment' and a number of experiences that I might not have had otherwise.

I shall mention more about this in other postings.

Monday, January 28, 2013


THE SECRET DOCTRINE, one of the most important, but sometimes poorly read, books on occultism ever compiled and  published, has exerted influence not only on modern and contemporary occult students but on scientists and others. It is, without doubt, a most controversial book, easily dismissed like others that have acquired a certain 'fame' while its author, MADAME BLAVATSKY gained a general notoriety except among her more devoted and astute followers.

Many books on THEOSOPHY and THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT in modern times, since the 1800's have appeared,including those 'authorized' and issued by various organizations in the MOVEMENT as well as many groups outside the MOVEMENT. Various splinter groups exist that have been inspired by the original members and founders of the THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY created in New York City and several books deal with the actual history and accounts of that day and afterwards, right up to the present and,doubtless, many more will appear.

Aside from this HPB, the initials standing for HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY, has been the subject of many books and articles that vary from outright praise and admiration to outright condemnation and criticism and 'exposes' and the like. As always, sensationalism often attracts more than reason or objectivity.

However, many persons of note have been attracted to the various 'theosophical' teachings, however difficult to penetrate and understand if one does not have an intense interest and background in such endeavors and studies. Most persons will not take up this book or any of the writings of HPB unless something motivates them, such as, 'a search  for truth' or 'a quest for the miraculous'.

THOMAS EDISON, NIKOLA  TESLA, ALBERT EINSTEIN, & possibly G.I. GURDJIEFF all took at look at her massive work and certainly P.D. OUSPENSKY, a follower of Gurdjieff, did. Ouspenksy also looked at her other works at some time but more research will have to be done as well as for the others mentioned here to fully establish just how much they did read, possibly find useful and what, if anything, it did to influence their lives and work,especially when such is usually ignored by most writers on famous people,except in rare instances.

'THE ESOTERIC WORLD OF MADAME BLAVATSKY, INSIGHTS into the LIFE of a MODERN SPHINX', collected by DANIEL CALDWELL and published by Quest Books, 2000 (originally published as :'THE OCCULT WORLD OF MADAME BLAVATSKY in 1991)  gives a well-rounded view of what others thought, saw, and felt important to say about her,along with references and other information for those further interested in such.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE SEEKING TO FIND CONNECTIONS WITH GURDJIEFF, HIS TEACHINGS, THE WORK, THE FOURTH WAY, AND THE LIKE, the book has places that would tend to indicate of possible 'connections' & 'influences',some obvious and others requiring 'a stretch of the imagination' perhaps.


In the book mentioned, HPB spent some  'vacation'  time there during the year that her book,THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY was published and began writing, THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE, which Ouspensky had read while in Russia. While there, HPB was visited by ANNIE BESANT.

G.R.S. MEAD, HPB's  secretary and author of two important works: PISTIS SOPHIA,A GNOSTIC GOSPEL(which I have on my library shelves) and FRAGMENTS OF A FAITH FORGOTTEN( which I may have also but will have to look).

These persons were there in MAY OF 1889.

At any rate, these accounts are well worth reading to round out a better picture of how these movements start and go and then tend to lose momentum, then sometimes pick up again and go in other directions. The accounts by both the followers of HPB & G.I. GURDJIEFF always mention their eyes, their compassion, their methods and 'eccentricities' and other things that seem sometimes unbelievable and misunderstood,especially by those attempting to follow either of them.

In the background looks the 'POSSIBILITY OF TIBET' with hints of MASTERS & SEEKERS OF TRUTH.  .

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Recently, I have in both reading and some internet searches come across references and/or hints that H.P.B.'S massive work,THE SECRET DOCTRINE, influenced these three particular geniuses in some way...though perhaps critics will claim otherwise and attempt to minimize whatever readings in the book they may have actually done.....Nevertheless, some things are most intriguing and I shall add links to the internet that both support and debunk these assertions...... In my blog on,THE WAY OF THE YOGI, I have already mentioned some of this but want to enter the topics here also, but perhaps in a differing way........Modern Physics in its extreme forms has been connected up and attached to certain 'Mystical' forms and subjects, from Taoism to physiology.....and psychology....and in the more abstruse and complex discussions on all this, one can easily lose one's way, especially if intense enthusiasm is aroused, as has been the case with zealous writers and 'researchers'......numerous popular books are covering these things in both interesting and overstated ways....tending to devote much time and space to certain things that seem 'true' or 'factual' but with a great deal of 'stretch'.... Electro-magnetism is,of course, a subject only a few persons really understand, let alone try to manipulate or utilize outside of 'experimental' labs and the like for various obvious reasons....but guys like Faraday and Edison and several others did so before the big boys of government/military took over along with certain corporations that made profits from such discoveries for 'the benefit of all mankind'....... However, the general populace should not ignore this field as they are in the midst of several electro-magnetic fields of which they are usually completely oblivious and that also includes certain 'radiations' of both beams and rays.......and signals and the like....but no need to get exactly paranoid over this but it will be best if one is aware of such and notice where these things are in theeir daily life....before it is too late.... Eventually, I hope to expand on this particular topic but right now I merely wish to point out that Ancient Philosophy from India and the Orient has had its influence on people, especially Tesla and Edison......and possibly Einstein....Check out the links and do your own research for the moment and make your own conclusions if you can...that is, based one evidence and credibility and not emotion and mere speculation.....

Thursday, May 5, 2011


A most fascinating lady, author of many books, and Asian traveler, among other things, was Alexandra David-Neel who was born September 8,1869 and who died October 24,1969...100 years old,,,,a woman who lived a century...who learned Sanscrit and Tibetan and who endured many things in her life........she met MADAME BLAVATSKY in London in 1888, often considered a most important year in occultism and by occultists.......HPB, no doubt, inspired her to emulate certain things that she had done in terms of travels and occultism and Eastern Lore...as well as some possible 'radical/anarchistic/etc.'acttivities or writings, something that many occultists have involved themselves from time to time.....with the result that various 'conspiracy' theories have emerged and still are discussed to this very day. In her early days, Madame David-Neel seems attractive in the photos that are usually shown and from the various descriptions had a strong mind and will and an adventurous spirit....She spent time at Theosophical HQ in India and learned Sanskrit and eventually indulged or took part in 'tantric' rituals and rites, perhaps,as come might claim, in the infamous 'kuala circles' that have shocked the Western sensibilities of Sedate Victorian Society and slightly afterwards....At any rate, her works have had a profound effect upon many later occultists and writers in search of the esoteric.....